Orange Dream Viennese Cookies recipe and baking mat review

This is a delightful cookie recipe with a twist – you will want to try this and make your friends think you can bake delicate cookies with ease – because its surprisingly easy #bakingmat



100 g butter (unslted)
25 g icing sugar
1 tbs Vanilla Orange NuNaturals
100 g flour
1/4 tsp baking powder

Get your Bake

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it fun sheet HERE
This Silicone baking mat is awesome. It comes with some really nice features I have not seen on a this type of mat. The guides are the best part. There is a grid and circles, both are designed to help with placement on the mat. Quick clean up and dishwasher safe, I would definitely recommend this baking mat.

Orange flavoring
More goodness from NuNaturals. The Orange flavored Stevia Sweetener is a great way to not only add the sweetness you need to a recipe, but a natural way to add flavoring as well. I cannot recomment NuNaturals Products enough. Keep an eye out for more reviews for this company.

Where I got my icing tips
This is a great deal on icing tips. A 52 piece set for under $20.


BuyCostumes Semi-Annual Clearance Sale

Disclaimer: **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Up to 90% off Costumes! Shop the BuyCostumes Semi-Annual Clearance Event



For the entire month of May, BuyCostumes is running their Semi-Annual Clearance Sale with costumes up to 90% off! Now is the perfect Continue reading

time to stock-up on fun costumes for the kiddos… even yourself! Here are a few ideas on how to take advantage of this sale:

  1. Gear up the kids for summer fun! Kids will love dressing up as their favorite character or superhero.
  2. Do you have a family reunion or summer camping trip? Find some funny costumes or props to make the party more lively.
  3. If you’re participating in a mud run or fun run, find a super cool wig or costume accessory to wear.
  4. Shop early for Halloween!

Click here to shop now >> Semi-Annual Clearance Sale – Up to 90% off!

Spark Labs – Amazing opportunity for tech start ups

Spark Labs has created an amazing system that helps young tech companies get started. They are focused on helping you get your tech in front of investors, partners, and mentors.

Based out of NYC, they want to help you get your start up up and running in less than 24 hours with Continue reading

24/7 access for your convenience. Events include networking and workshops, and because of their connections they make sure you are attending the best events.

Educational seminars provide hands-on training to help boost your business. In addition to seminars you have access to mentors that are made up of top Tech entrepreneurs from around the world.

And lastly, they connect you to top investors who can help grow your company.

This is an awesome opportunity for tech start ups. Check it out here.

Show your support with an Armed Forces Flag

Many people make sacrifices for others but usually they do so for a family member or a friend. There’s a huge group of people that make sacrifices every single day for people they don’t know and never will know. This group would be the Armed Forces of the United States. Many Continue reading

of us would like to let them know how much we appreciate what they do but it’s hard to do this when you don’t know who they all are.

One way to support our military personnel is by displaying Armed Forces flags. You can find these flags at stores like Flag Store USA. Every branch – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and National Guard – is represented. There’s even a flag for the Merchant Marine. And, if you know someone that served in the Vietnam War, the Korean War, or World War II, you can remember them with a flag that commemorates their time in the service. Current military personnel and veterans will appreciate seeing their flag and they will know that you appreciate their service and their sacrifice.

If you purchase a flag from a store like Flag Store USA, you’ll receive high quality, American made products. To show their support, Flag Store USA only buys American made flags. It’s just another way to say thanks to our military and our veterans. You’ll be able to purchase your flag at a great price and you’ll receive excellent customer service. These practices have resulted in unparalleled customer satisfaction and given us a great reputation with our customers.

Displaying an Armed Forces flag doesn’t seem like much when you are trying to think of ways to show our military how much you appreciate what they do for you and everyone else on a daily basis. However, you’d be surprised how much they appreciate knowing that people have not forgotten about them. It’s such a little thing but it means so very much to them. To show your appreciation today, order your flags at a store like Flag Store USA and let an Armed Forces member or veteran know that you haven’t forgotten the sacrifices they have made.

A Road Unknown book review

A Road Unknown is the first book that I have read by Barbara Cameron. If you’ve been following my book reviews you know this isn’t the first Amish Romance novel I’ve reviewed. The author does a good job of grabbing the readers attention and hanging on to it for Continue reading

the entire novel.

Elizabeth Bontrager, the oldest of eight children, lives a life where she works during the day and spends all of her other time helping around the home. Because she is never allowed to attend of the youth gatherings, she is concerned that she will never have the chance to date or marry.

Elizabeth jumps at the chance to experience life outside of her community when her English pen pal, Paula, to let her be her roommate. Despite her parents not wanting her to go, she boards the bus for the trip to Paradise, Pennsylvania to start her new life. Will she find what she is looking for, or will she bow to the pressure from her family to return home?

**A Road Unknown by Barbara Cameron was provided for me free by Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

Del Real Foods Review

del real 8 Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and sometimes you want traditional flavor without all of the wait. When that’s the case here I turn to Del Real Foods. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in California, Del Real Foods is a family business committed to preserving the rich gastronomy and Continue reading

traditions of Central Mexico.

“Designed to satisfy all palates and promote healthy eating, Del Real Foods refrigerated products offer authentic taste, using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and cooked with traditional methods for an enhanced dining experience among family and friends.”

Their refrigerated products include Carnitas, Barbacoa, Tamales, Seasoned Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken and much more.

We had the Carnitas, Seasoned Shredded Beef, Tamales and the Arroz.  It was all very good, and I would definitely recommend keeping one or two of these one hand in the freezer for a quick meal on night when you just don’t want to cook or as an easy way to pull off Taco Tuesday.


The Carnitas were our favorite. They paired nicely with the rice.  We grabbed a bag of shredded lettuce, a bag of shredded cheese and a pack of tortillas and it was a quick and easy, but very tasteful meal.  The tamales were saved for lunch the next day.  They heated up quickly in the microwave and made for a yummy lunch.


Want to try these excellent products for yourself?  Del Real is letting me giveaway a “Party Box”. The “Party Box” features Del Real highlights like carnitas, tamales and the newest delicious addition: pork al pastor pupusas. The Party Box also includes a fantastic Del Real Picnic package (mailed out separately).  It comes with a basket and a really nice blanket for you picnic needs. It’ll make for a great fiesta!

del real 2



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Rock and Learn DVDs Review Alphabet and Colors, Shapes & Counting

Alphabet rock n learn “Alphabet Al leads kids on an exciting journey to master the alphabet, build word/letter associations, and develop a richer vocabulary. With catchy songs Alphabet Al holds the interest of even highly energetic kids. Fun games and a colorful environment for each letter will have kids out of their seats and dancing Continue reading

along. Includes bonus chapter on printing letters and numbers. All new animation and graphics.”

This DVD was fun. The kids enjoyed the songs for each letter. As the songs for each letter have about 6 words words that start with that letter so the kids can start to recognize the letter sound. For example; some of the words for A are – Apricot and Astronaut. The songs can be a little repetitive for adults, but that’s what most kids at this stage need. After all 26 letters have had a song there is a section on writing the letters. Not sure how the kids are to interact with this part, but as each letter came up we described how to draw each one. Like, a line and then the little circle is the lower case B. The kids seem to respond to this approach.

Accompanying the DVD is a companion book that reinforces what the DVD and songs were showing the kids. Together they can be a great tool in helping kids learn their letters.

I also received the DVD and companion book for Colors, Shapes and Counting.

colors shapes and counting “Here is the perfect way to get your child ready for starting school. Young learners will enjoy all of the kindergarten readiness activities, including learning to count objects by color, shape, or a combination of both. Even gifted children will be challenged by the advanced colors (maroon, turquoise) and shapes (polygons, ellipses).”

While this movie was cute and educational it did not hold the kids attention as well. That could be because of our previous Homeschool efforts. The majority of the information on this DVD was review at best for my little ones. They were naming shapes and counting right along still, but they definitely were not as interested in this one over the other. Having said all that, I can see how this could be a great way to introduce or reinforce the concepts of shapes, colors and counting up to 20. They even briefly cover zero, which can be a hard concept for kids to grasp. Overall, both movies would be fine additions to anyone’s educational DVD library.

Rock N Learn is offering a 25% off coupon code on your entire purchase at their site In addition, they are offering a chance for one lucky reader to win an Early Childhood Collection which is the Alphabet DVD and Board Book plus the Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD and Board book.

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Taking Care of Your Water Heater Repair Job

Taking Care of Your Water Heater Repair Job

Your water heater is an appliance that most people take for granted. You expect it to do its job. When you turn on the tap in the sink or the tub, hot water should come out. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, when you Continue reading

run into trouble, there’s nothing simple about it. If you’re like so many others, you’ll end up with a minor flood in your basement or garage, depending on where your water heater is. When a water heater calls it quits, you don’t usually have any warning. You wake up one day and it simply doesn’t work any more. That’s when you need the team at Action Air Plumbing to take care of you.

We’ll Do the Worrying for You
If your water heater malfunctions or is long overdue for a replacement, contact us at Action Air Plumbing. We have a wide variety of top notch models that will fit the bill in your home. Our technicians will arrive as soon as possible to assess the situation and take the next step to helping you get your hot water up and running again. We’ll be able to tell you if you have a minor repair issue or if it’s time to bring in a new model.

Finding the Right Fit for You
While the team at Action Air Plumbing is assisting you, we’ll be looking for solutions. We’ll consider your needs, the size of your home, and how many people are in your family as we determine the best water heater model for you. We’ll help you to find out what will be the most economical choice, such as a water heater without a tank and energy saving models. Not only will you have a quality appliance, it will save you money down the line.

Water Heaters are Our Business
When it comes to heating and cooling, we know water heaters. We have the answers to your questions. Whether you are being proactive and want a replacement, need to install a water heater in a new home, or it’s time for a repair job, you can count on us at Action Air Plumbing. We’ll be on the job when your water heater decides to quit. Let us ease your mind and get your water heater issues resolved so that you’ll have hot water when you need it.

Mother’s Day Deals from Groupon 2015

Mother's Day 2015

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re all looking for special ways to honor the Mom’s in our lives. To me Mother has never just meant a woman that gave birth. Adoptive Mother’s, Foster Mothers, Women who dedicate their lives working with the people around them unconditionally. So think Continue reading

about all the special women in your life and figure out something that you think would be the perfect way to say “Thank You” and “I Love You”.

The banner above will take you to Groupon’s dedicated Mother’s Day Special’s Page. I know there are a few things I have my eye on. Hopefully DH sees this and takes the hint…

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